Donate & support my work

If you are using any mof my extensions, please think about a small donation!

Why should you donate to me?

All I develop is licensed as open-source. This is certainly great for everyone. However I do most of it in my complete sparetime.

Where will my money go?

Your donation is used to make me a happy life. I will buy me some new books, tickets to TYPO3 events, chocolate and nice things for my girlfriend ;)

How much should I donate?

It is really up to you! My primary reason to code and to publish is to enable you to do awesome stuff with it.

Nevertheless, maybe a small calculation helps: If you develop a website for a client and you include e.g. my awesome news extension for € 500, you could donate 10%.

What if I don’t have any money left?

Write me a mail or a postcard and say thanks, this would be already amazing!


There are many ways you can donate, it is just a matter of choice:

  • Buy something nice from my wishlist
  • Send me a bottle of wine or some chocolate. You can find my address here.
  • Buy me a drink at a TYPO3 event
  • use Paypal (or bank transfer which is what I prefer)